Design Access Program (DAP)

Real-time Paint, Headlamp and Window Tint Pattern Delivery

DAP.logoXPEL’s Design Access Program is a cloud based solution that provides installers with a complete virtual inventory of our vast selection of paint, headlamp and tint patterns. With almost 80,000 vehicle specific applications and growing, the DAP is the most complete paint protection pattern program available anywhere in the world.

As XPEL’s teams of product engineers work on a daily basis to create design templates for new vehicles, these products are immediately available in the software the instant they are completed. No waiting for update packages to be sent out or downloads to complete. Just use the convenient search interface in the software and every pattern, new and old, is available in real time as soon as they are available.

Having the pattern you need when you need it is just one part of the equation. To ensure total customer satisfaction regardless of their budget or expectations, you need a cutting program with serious flexibility.

With our patented Variable Geometry functionality, you can safely and quickly implement practically any variation of coverage detail to ensure your customers get the quality they expect at a price they can afford. Wrap any edge, change the amount of coverage or even the design elements of a pattern without the possibility of accidentally making changes that would leave the part unusable.

Any good business owner knows you must have detailed information on your costs and margins to be truly successful and scalable. XPEL’s DAP provides that level of detail with it’s comprehensive inventory management system.

From macro views for monthly, quarterly or yearly analysis to detailed costing per car, the DAP provides you all the information you need to effectively manage your business.

You can then use this detailed cost data to create an infinite number of custom wholesale or retail price levels depending on film cost, installation time, installation difficulty, or any other factor affecting your particular business model. Add in an average cost to cover shop supplies, vehicle pick up and delivery, general overhead. You name it, the DAP can model it for you to ensure your success.

With so many coverage options available, sometimes a good explanation simply isn’t enough to convey what to expect to your customers. XPEL’s Design Access Program allows you to produce printable comparative visual aids for your customers so they can truly see what their options are.

Having a software package with lots of bells and whistles is nice, but let’s face it…what really makes the difference in one program over another is the quality of the designs.

Of course precise edge alignment and correctly positioned holes for features such as parking sensors, emblems, air inlets, headlamp washers and fog lamps is incredibly important. But even more important is the amount of stretch and contortion required to ensure this alignment.

The more a paint protection film must be manipulated to get it installed onto the car, the more you will see distortions in the surface of the finished product. At XPEL, our two primary design objectives are to allow the film to lay as naturally on the car as possible to avoid unnecessary stretch and contortion, and to ensure perfect alignment with the body panels.

In addition to these two primary objectives, our design team is also committed to providing designs that employ absolutely no unnecessary seams or reliefs. And, if a seam is needed to navigate a particularly complex part, our designers will do everything possible to hide it on a body-line or on some part of the panel that is out of sight.

Installing properly designed pre-cut kits can make the difference between success and failure in the Paint Protection Film business. Ask for your free 30 day trial today to see how we can help you succeed.


Installer Quotes

We’ve used the DAP pre-cut patterns for about 15 years; we credit much of our success due to the support and offerings of the XPEL DAP system. This is the best pre-cut pattern program on the market, hands down. The DAP gives us the tools we need to serve our customers, both retail and commercial.

-Sean Heiland, Ultimate Auto Care, LLC

XPEL Technologies Design Access Program is a game changer for the protective film industry. It not only provides us with the most accurate fitting designs on the market, but also gives us the ability to modify designs to further fit our client’s needs.

-Tim Coats, Adonis Detail

The DAP software is just as important as the film itself. THE DAP’s accurate computer cut kits provides peace of mind by eliminating the need to cut on the car, it also reduces installation time and material waste. The ability to customize the kits inside the DAP allows us to go beyond the industry standards. XPEL ULTIMATE film and DAP software combo is unmatched by any other brand.“

-Kyle Isbell, Protective Film Solutions